Introducing Ropig: More Signal, Less Noise

The good news: we now have real-time, detailed data about every part of our web applications.

The bad news: this data comes to us in the form of a firehose of notifications and alerts – most of which is useless noise.

Dev teams create complex systems and schedules to sift through all this data, looking for the few important key indicators buried among the endless messages.

It’s time to reinvent the way monitoring data is handled for web applications.

Introducing a new way to simplify and take action on all the monitoring data you receive

Today we’re launching Ropig, the next generation of alert management tools. We’ve reinvented what alert management looks like, bringing our industry way past “on call” and saving you from noise and context switching during your everyday work day, not just when you’re on call.

With Ropig, you’re able to:

  • Eliminate notification noise: you don’t need most of the data that your monitoring and logging tools send you. Instead of sifting through it, never see it in the first place.
  • Ensure action is taken on the few alerts that do require action
  • Send the right information to the right person: stop the “everyone gets everything” approach and start filtering data to the right person on your team.

Send Critical Information to The Right Person, via the Right Channel

The old way to think about managing alerts centered completely on on-call schedules and escalation chains. Those features are a part of Ropig, but there’s so much more you can do. Maybe you want to filter all of your bugsnag notifications, use rate limiting to only find the unusual cases, then send all those cases to a slack channel that you check once a day.

More Flexible, More-Efficient On Call

Maybe you want to make sure your database admin receives every database alert via SMS, no matter who is on call.

Other tools treat on-call as a black and white situation – Ropig recognizes that some alerts should go down an escalation chain, some shouldn’t, and some might require more than one behavior. It’s your choice.

Filter All of Your “FYI” Notifications

Alert management tools of the past have had two settings: all or nothing. With Ropig we recognize that you get some information that you’d like to know, but isn’t an urgent problem that requires acknowledgment. Now you can send these types of events to a slack channel, or roll-up email that you can easily scan through. (Or just create a rule to never see them at all.)

All Via A Simple, Modern Interface

When you work in software, you can’t help but notice bad UX. We’ve kept a focus on a clean, intuitive experience that is easy to set up and get in and out of.

Get Started Today

Getting started is easy – just sign up for our free trial. No credit card required, no strings attached.

If you like what you see, take advantage of our half-off launch pricing: $24 per month, per seat. No feature-gating, no hidden fees. Just the best product we can build for every user.

If you’re working on an Elixir project, you can grab one of our free-for-life accounts – just our way of supporting the community. You can read more about that here.

It’s time for developers to finally experience more signal with less noise. Sign up for a trial today and let us know what you think!


Laura Roeder
Laura Roeder
Ropig Founder

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