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Event-level routing

Send alerts to the right person and the right channel. Ropig lets you choose which escalation policy to use based on the event’s JSON properties. For example: a critical event gets sent to the on-call person via SMS, while a warning-level event gets an email. Ignore events that aren’t important at all.

Deep data integrations

No more digging through JSON to figure out what’s happening. Our deep data integrations show only the most important information from a service when an alert is triggered.

“Punch In/Punch Out” on-call system

Simple on-call scheduling with a “punch in” button you click/tap in the tool.

Unlimited SMS notifications

Unlimited email notifications

Unlimited Slack notifications

Rate conditions

Only receive an alert if enough events that match your own custom ruleset have occurred, then filter the rest. Rate conditioning is useful for errors where frequency matters. Sometimes you don’t care if one request fails, but 1,000 fails within an hour would be critically important.

Connect unlimited services to Ropig

Monitor your cloud-based services under one simple platform. We’re compatible with any service that can send webhooks (hint: that’s almost all of them).

Receive events from your services

Create unlimited rules for each service, control your alerts in any way you choose

Simple configuration

30-day money-back guarantee

Expert technical support

Coming Soon

Github issue, Jira, Trello and generic webhooks automatic ticket creation


Batch non-critical notifications and receive them in a daily rollup


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