Why Would I Need an Alert Management Tool?

The monitoring tools that you already have set up are doing an okay job letting you know when something is wrong. But you’re still getting more alerts than you’d like.

Ropig can help you cut down the time you spend dealing with alerts.

Here are a few concrete reasons you would use us:

“I want to receive alerts via SMS”

Most alerting services will email you, but don’t support SMS. One simple way to use Ropig is just to turn alerts into text messages. (Honestly, that would be a pretty sad Ropig config – we can do so much more!)

“I want to receive alerts via Slack”

Around 75% of alerting services DON’T support Slack, but around 100% of software companies DO use Slack. See the disconnect there? Good thing Ropig and Slack are best buds.

“I have someone on-call”

If your on-call person ever changes, you’ll need a way to route information to the new person who is on-call. Ropig automatically re-routes alerts to the new on-call person.

“I want to make sure someone is doing something about an alert”

With Ropig, you acknowledge and then close an alert. This built-in ticketing system makes it easy to see who owns an alert and to ensure it’s been dealt with. Your on-call person missed an alert? An escalation chain will notify the next person in the chain (and keeps going until someone acknowledges that they are dealing with the problem).

“I have a bunch of custom code going on that’s too painful to maintain as we grow”

We see you, Mr. or Mrs. “why would I pay for this when I could just built it myself?” When you had one or two alerting services, and one or two devs on your team, it was no big deal. But now you’re maintaining an additional piece of software just to manage your dumb alerts! It makes sense to separate your alert generating custom code and the boring alert management stuff. (Good news: Ropig is your way out!)

“I wish I could assign certain alerts to certain people”

Alerting services allow you to put in one or more email address for notifications, but generally don’t have more granularity than that. Because Ropig parses the incoming event, it allows you to choose exactly who gets what.

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